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Thanks to 1,000's of HTC Vounteers!

In Gratitude to 43 Years of Amazing Volunteers

It's National Volunteer Week and we recognize all of the many people who have volunteered with HTC to help heal children here and around the world. Do you know that over the years (pre-pandemic) HTC typically had more than 1,000 volunteers a year providing top notch medical skills such as nursing, surgery, dentistry, podiatry, ENT (ear, nose, throat), cleft lip and palate surgery, and heart surgery etc.? As of December 31, 2020, our volunteers had delivered the gift of healing to more than 307,455 children from more than 100 countries worldwide. Thank you all so much! To learn more about National Volunteer Week please visit this website

Helping Children Impacted by the War in Ukraine

2022 opened with the news of the war in Ukraine. So many beautiful children and families displaced by war. We will never understand... Many organizations are reaching out to assist both internationally and locally. If you would like to help we encourage you to consider supporting financially and operationally vetted organizations, such as the three listed below, who are actively engaged in helping people displaced by the war in the Ukraine.


  • Mercy Teams International

  • International Rescue Committee

HTC is a partner with Global Giving (internationally vetted) which has raised more than $100 Million over the past years for disaster relief. Their current campaign to assist people displaced by the war in Ukraine has raised $33.9 million of a $37 Million goal.

Global Giving also is supporting special Ukraine focused efforts. Here are three very special children health care focused efforts you can consider.

HTC Website Now Available in Spanish!

Great News! Our website can now be translated into Spanish with a simple click. Check it out. ¡Una gran noticia! Nuestro sitio web ahora se puede traducir al español con un simple clic. Échale un vistazo.

April 22, 2022 is Earth Day!

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22, is a reminder to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems and live a more sustainable life. First celebrated in 1970, this year marks its 52nd anniversary.

Looking to the Year Ahead

HTC is cautiously looking into resuming our international medical teams programs and on special case by case basis, bringing previously approved children to the US for care. This is a process each chapter is undertaking with the upmost care for the children, our volunteers, and our medical providers. Every state and every country has differing guidelines. We are exploring how our local outreach programs can assist newly arrived refugees with health care and personal needs. If you have ideas, please share your ideas.

Thank you for your support of Healing the Children!

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