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Trip Report:  HTCRM Peru 2023

Peru:  Surgery, Glasses, Hearing Aids, & Therapy

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Healing the Children Rocky Mountains (HTCRM) returned to Peru in January 2023 after a three year hiatus.  To say the team and the partner community in Peru were excited is an understatement.  This was one of the first missions after COVID-19 and the political situation in Peru, the mission as a whole was a miracle.  HTCRM worked in partnership with  Hospital Nacional Dos De Mayo during their time in Peru.  In five days the team: operated on 64 patients (cleft lip, cleft palate and lip surgeries); tested and gave away 273 pairs of glasses; fit and dispensed 65 hearing aids for severe hearing loss; and provided 83 speech and feeding therapy sessions. Healing faces and changing lives! #htcrm #htcrm2023

One little girl traveled in her mother’s arms for 3 days by motor taxi (tuk-tuk), car and bus to come from her small village in the mountains to the big city of Lima to see our team. The mother had never been to Lima before and had never seen a baby born with a cleft lip or palate before her own. She lives far from the hospital and therefore had not been able to consult with a doctor on how to care for her baby. Thanks to the informed village teacher who knew about the campaign and was able to connect with our team so the little girl could receive this life changing surgery.


In five days, the team helped 480 individual patients - Well done #htcrm! Thank you @hospitaldosdemayo!

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