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2020 Programs & Activities

Developing Skills 

Innovations for Unique and Future Healing

  • HTC is providing urgently needed medical care children one child at a time

  • HTC is helping to develop the skills of surgeons which can help thousands of children over time.

  • HTC volunteer medical professionals work alongside in-country health care personnel to offer training in best practices to increase their skills and techniques. Some of these new education and outreach efforts include:

  • A Partnership with Ohana One 

  • Learning about new Medical Technologies

Healing the Children has partnered with Ohana One as a part of an international project to explore the use of “smart glasses” between a mentor surgeon and a mentee surgeon.  The use of the smart glasses allow for real time interacts to provide education, training, and consultation on a patient’s health care. Ohana One’s Vuzix Glasses and Augmented Reality Software = allows the trainer/teacher to put their finger into the frame to point to the area of concern. This allows people on opposite sides of the world to be in the same moment, instead of one person being in a manufactured reality like traditional VR. Allows teacher to be in the moment during surgery for counsel and guidance as needed.

Surgical Development Programs:  




Healing the Children Florida/Georgia Chapter (HTCFLGA) recently partnered with Ohana One on a project in rural Nigeria.  The Nigerian primary care doctors have been lured away to Dubai and Abu Dhabi with higher pay, leaving residents in remote rural areas with NO access to basic care. HTCFLGA partnered with Ohana One and the Nigerian Government through the direction of Dr. Amadi to develop a Medical Call Center in Nigeria. In an effort to bring healthcare to the area a call-center is being established where patients can call and get medical advice from supervised medical residents and obtain virtual appointments with licensed medical professionals.


Ohana One quickly responded with a grant toward ten smart glasses and software to easily connect the community members with larger, urban medical clinics. In the hands of Nigeria’s community liaisons, this technology is already greatly impacting patients in rural areas of the country! 


Healing the Children Seattle Chapter (HTCSEA) partnered with Ohana One and Dr. Kush Aeron, a Surgical Sight mentee at Helping Hands Hospital in Dehradun, India.  Dr. Aeron used HelpLightening to discuss a young child’s upcoming hand surgery with Dr. Marshall Partington, (HTCSEA) his surgical mentor and long-time friend in Kirkland, Washington, USA. This surgery not only improved this young boy’s quality of life, but will allow him to reach his personal goal to join the army once he is of age.  

Click to Read Dr. Partington's Comments on this Important Partnership

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