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Thank You Volunteers!

Today, we thank our volunteers. For the past 40 years, Healing the Children has relied on the generosity of individuals who give of their time and talent to help heal children around the world. This collective heart and passion has helped nearly 300,000 children from 100 countries around the world access the health care they so dearly need and deserve.

Thank You - Medical Professionals such as surgeons, doctors, nurses, dentists, audiologists, and anesthesiologists have helped to heal children around the world and here in the US.

Thank You - Host Families and Community Members who have opened their doors to children from a foreign land by caring for them while they receive medical care in the US.

Thank You - Medical Team Volunteers who provided educational mentoring while working alongside host country medical staff to train them in new skills and techniques.

Thank You - Donors, Board Members, Community Groups, and Friends who all lent a hand when needed and provided an array of resources to strengthen our work.

Thank You All! Together, we are changing the world for children.

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