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HTC Love and Renewal in 2024

Updated: Feb 13

The Heart of HTC

HTC has been providing the gift of healing around the world for more than 44 years. HTC was founded by a woman whose heart had been broken after a child she had adopted from Korea died from a heart condition that could have been healed. Cris Embleton turned that pain into healing with a commitment to locate a child with a similar condition and access the donated medical care the child needed. Cris found a girl from Guatemala (maybe like this young girl in the photo) and brought her to Seattle Children's Hospital and saved her life. Since that time, HTC has provided donated quality medical care for more than 311,875 children from over 100 countries around the world. HTC was founded on love and conviction. That passion is at the heart of all we do and we continually look for innovative ways to renew this purpose and vision.

Welcome to HTC

Dr. Jack Stephens joins the HTC National Board of Directors as its Medical Director. Dr. Stephens is a retired Pediatrician from Edmonds, WA who previously traveled on two HTC missions to Guatemala. He is pictured with two patients of the nearly 250 he would see on each week-long mission. When asked why he joined the HTC board, he replied, "I simply loved the medical mission trips, and wish I would gone on more."

Dr. Glenn Isaacson joins HTC as the executive director of the Desi Ferrell Greater Philadelphia Chapter. Dr. Isaacson has traveled with HTC mostly to Ethiopia since the early 1990s. He has participated in Orthopedic, Plastic, and ENT medical mission trips. He recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia conducting and training local health care providers on scoliosis surgeries.

Tricia McNamara joins HTC as the executive director for the New Jersey Chapter. Tricia is the mother to a 27-year-old who has developmental disabilities and has personally experienced what so many family members feel in the fight for adequate medical care and opportunities. Tricia was very impressed with HTCNJ work to provide children with special needs access to medical care, equipment, and summer camp programs.

A Look at the Year Ahead

2024 promises to be an exciting year providing access to quality medical care for children here and around the world. HTCNE, HTCIL/IN, HTCSCA, and HTC Rocky Mountains already have plans for teams to travel to Bolivia, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Peru, Nepal, and Tanzania. In addition, HTCWI through our IMAP (International Medical Assistance Program) partners with a nonprofit to assist children in Uganda with heart conditions to travel to India for surgery.

Remembering True HTC Pioneers

Desi Ferrell - In the Fall of 2023, HTC lost one of our most valiant chapter directors. Desi founded the Greater Philadelphia chapter and remained its director to her last breath. She was such a warrior, passionate leader, and loving person who will always be remembered. We are grateful to Dr. Isaacson who has stepped up to fill her shoes and know how proud he is to serve this purpose. Together they built this chapter and, we know he will carry her legacy forward.

Margaret Whitehead - HTC partnered with American Airlines Miles for Kids program for more than 25 years.  This program provided donated airline miles and escorts to help bring children to the US for donated medical care.  HTC assisted more than 7,500 children through this program.  Margaret was the champion of this effort and worked with many of our chapters to provide this care.  We will miss her and know she is flying with the angels. 

Happy Valentine's Day and Thanks for the Gift of Healing

Healing the Children continues to look at new ways to provide access to donated quality medical care through new technologies and educational training to expand our footprint around the world. We have partnered with OhanaOne to utilize smart glasses in medical training and consultation with international medical mentees. HTCMIOH director Dr. Bob Mann travels around the world to train medical professionals on a new medical technique called ACRP (Anatomic Cleft Restoration Philosophy). HTCSEA (Seattle) chapter director Dr. Marshall Partington directs the "Unbound" program to help victims of the sex trade industry have tattoo removal (the tattoo is a branding of the victim). The removal of the tattoo empowers the individual to break free from this lifestyle and work toward a more healthy and whole life.

"Renewal is not just innovation and change. It is also the process of bringing

the results of change into line with our purposes." -- John W. Gardner


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