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International Inbound

The International Inbound (IIB) program is our founding program. Children from around the world are referred to HTC when it is determined that their serious medical conditions cannot be treated in their home countries. HTC collaborates with international partners, hospitals, doctors, and volunteer host families to bring the children to the US for donated care. Since most of our children are very poor, we must raise the funds necessary to transport them to the US and provide all medical expenses. Volunteer escorts accompany the children on these flights far from home.


Medical Teams Abroad: Surgical

The Medical Teams Abroad (MTA) program works at the invitation of the host country. We assemble a medical team built around the specific pediatric surgical specialty requests. The MTA volunteers work in the local hospitals
and clinics along with the local health- care providers to provide the surgical services otherwise not available there and to train local healthcare techniques for sustainability of services.

Surgical Teams include: orthopedic; podiatry; ENT (ear, nose, & throat); cleft lip & palate; burns; urology; oncology; neurosurgery; plastics & reconstruction; and ophthalmology


Medical Teams Abroad: Non-Surgical

Non-Surgical Teams provide children with access to donated health care and resources. HTC volunteer medical professionals work alongside in-country health care personnel to offer training in best practices to increase their skills and techniques.

Non-Surgical Teams include; audiology; dental; dermatology; family medical; speech-language pathology; educational; pre-surgical screenings; and adaptive equipment.


US & Foreign  Special Projects

Special Projects occur both locally and globally to meet the health care needs for children and their families in a holistic approach.

Special Projects Include: donations of medical equipment and supplies; construction of medical clinics; renovations in hospitals; sponsorship's for camp; special awareness events; nutrition support; and water projects.

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The International Medical Assistance program (IMAP) is a relatively new program where HTC uses collaborative contacts to help find medical care for
an international child in a country closer to where he or she lives.


Through IMAP, certified facilities and staff have been identified and the cost of treatment is much lower.


Domestic - US

Our Domestic programs assist children here in the US to acquire medical care, medicines, equipment, and other related needs that fall through the cracks of our existing insurance and social services programs.

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