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 Healing the Children

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Healing Around the World

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Re-Emerging and Re-Imaging

2022 Re-Emerging: HTC Chapters are re-emerging this fall, after nearly two and a half years of putting our international programs on hold.  This fall several chapters have hosted very successful Medical Teams Abroad trips and many are planned for 2023.  This is an exciting time and we remain hopeful that more programs will open in the year ahead.  Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for frequent postings on our work here and around the world.


2022 Re-Imagining:  HTC continues to "re-imagine" how to pivot in our "new normal" to provide donated medical care for children here and around the world.  We are hopeful to return to our Inbound and Outbound programs, while remaining cautious in the face of continued worldwide challenges and uncertainty.  The conflict in Ukraine has held our deepest concern, as we all witness the devastation the conflict has caused.  So many children are suffering and many families have been displaced.  HTC is looking at ways to assist and talking with NGO's working to help the refugees here and abroad.  We know this is a long term response requiring thoughtful consideration.  HTC continues help locally and internationally by providing PPE supplies, health care, and medical supplies and equipment.  


2021 Possibilities:  HTC continued working on international and domestic projects through a new lens.  The past year taught us that we must listen, learn, and be flexible in how we provide medical care.  Telemedicine, medical webinars, partnerships, and Vuzix Smart Glasses are all new platforms we are exploring.  We are excited to be promoting our domestic program to provide medical care, resources and equipment for vulnerable children here in the US. 


2020 in Review:  Our chapters suspended their medical trips abroad through and a few chapters assisted inbound children who were already in the US.  This was been a heartfelt challenge for an organization that has provided access to medical care for children around the world without interruption for the past 40 years.  Several chapters were able to expand their local (US) outreach activities by helping with food pantries, providing medical supplies to local hospitals, assisting children with specialized medical equipment, and distributing health kits to families in need.  We continued working alongside our medical volunteers and in country partners to consider next steps for the year ahead. 

We all hope and dream for the time when this pandemic is over and we are able to fully embrace our mission to help children here and around the world access donated the medical care they need and deserve.

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Changing the World...One Child at a Time

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